Initial Visit (up to 90 min) - Your initial acupuncture session includes a personal and family medical health history and a detailed consultation about your current concerns. Using both eastern and western approaches, I will make a careful diagnosis to determine a personalized treatment plan for you. Along with acupuncture, your session may include cupping, gua sha, tui na, acupressure, or other modalities. Based on your individual needs, I may also recommend herbal medicine and/or dietary and lifestyle changes.

Follow-up Visit (up to 60 min) - Your follow-up visit includes a progress report from you and an update on your current concerns. Your diagnosis will be confirmed or updated in order to enhance your continued and evolving treatment sessions. Along with Acupuncture, your session may include Cupping, Gua Sha, Tui Na, acupressure, or other modalities. Your herbal and nutritional supplements, diet and lifestyle will be reassessed to make any necessary modifications and recommendations.

Acupuncture Follow-Up Packages 

Good for 6 months after purchase (not transferable)
4 Visit Treatment Package - 15% savings
8 Visit  Treatment Package - 20%+ savings

Cupping Therapy

Cupping is the use of glass or plastic suction cups to create a “negative pressure massage” to help enhance the free flowing of Qi, Blood, and ample Body Fluids to treat soft-tissue pain and internal medical conditions. A safe, non-invasive technique, Cupping is used to treat a myriad of conditions, like colds and flu, gastrointestinal disorders, upper respiratory infections and asthma, as well as back pain or problems related to the energetics of internal organs. 

Gua Sha Therapy

Gua Sha is a completely safe healing technique that intentionally raises Sha, or petechiae, to aid in the movement of Qi, Blood, and Body Fluids . In many cases, the patient feels an immediate shift in their condition for the better. Gua means to scrape or rub, and Sha describes blood stasis in the tissue before and after it is raised. Sha may be visible as a reddish, elevated skin rash or spots. If a patient experiences aches, pains, tenderness and/or a knotty feeling in the muscles, Gua Sha may be applied. It is a valuable treatment for both external and internal pain and is an excellent treatment for acute and chronic disorders. It promotes circulation and normalizes metabolic processes. Gua Sha may also be used to prevent and treat flu, bronchitis, asthma, and the common cold, just to name a few.

Herbal and Nutritional Counseling

Herbology is the art of combining medicinal herbs, and is one of the more important modalities utilized in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Herbology treatments are often combined with Acupuncture for increased benefits. Herbal medicine has been practiced safely and effectively for centuries and treats a wide variety of health symptoms by naturally supporting and supplementing the body. Chinese herbal remedies or natural supplements assist in your healing process. As a licensed health care practitioner, I can monitor the safety, adverse reactions, and interactions with other medications you may be taking.
Chinese Medicine recognizes that different foods produce different effects in the body when eaten by different individuals. No two people are alike, and there is no one universal food protocol or diet that works for everyone. As a skilled practitioner in holistic nutrition, I diagnose imbalances in the body and then recommend specific herbal and nutritional supplements, as well as foods a person should eat or avoid to provide the best therapeutic effects in the body and mind.

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Sylvia Bognar, L.Ac., MSOM

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